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contra_spirit ~ syncretism of all kinds
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Hey all,

My step-mother hosted a Beltane rit at her home last Satuday. It was one focused on grounding and communing with nature instead of being a tried-and-true Wiccan rit.

As we were calling the four corners and meditating upon them, I was able to hang out with some animal spirit guides that I was either comfortably aware of or just met for the first time.

A surprise though happened in the South - I saw some fairies dancing around in our bonfire flames.

I had a "WTHUH?" reaction, as I am not genetically Celtic and never believed that fairies can work along side "wolf" and "bear" and "snake"...

...but I posted about it in another community and the feedback I got was "what do you mean that surprised you? That was a really special experience, here are some ideas for the lessons they could be teaching you as any animal would be" etc.


a) the fey can be a spirit guide and blend well with traditional totems and

b) that community was totally open to "faith blending". It made me feel very comfortable and reassured.

*happy dance*
8th-Feb-2008 11:11 am - First post,
I noticed that this community was built and wanted to start things off.


To describe my contra_spirit, I felt like I should outline my spirituality, since I cannot hope to really explain it.

I am a Christian, and a Pagan, and a Taoist, and a Buddhist, and I have native ceremonial tobacco next to representations of my totem animals on my alter.

I also like Suffi poetry and enjoy what I come across of Kabbalic thought.

If you can figure that out, kudos to you.

I don't understand it, but I have come to peace with it.

One thing I know though is that I am not a cultural Christian. I remember teachings the church and pastors gave about how to *live* as a Christian or *be* a Christian, all with lessons on its ethics and morality. I have rejected most of what I've been taught. How I still keep the title though is that when I am in deep meditation, trying to find out what is lying at my core, I often see a cross - infused with light and hope.

So because I have abandoned the cultural lessons of the Church, I feel as though I no longer need to stick to "the one true way" and can acknowledge the four (or five, depending on my moods or inspirations) elements. I can tear apart my ego into their separate voices to seek enlightenment. I can reflect upon my animals and absorb their lessons, while sage and tobacco burn "cleansingly" nearby. And I can delight in the dichotomies of life and enjoy how all the gradients in between the extremes are needed in order to really experience existence.

I am seeking G-d, thought I am open to the idea that "it" is only an abstraction (Buddhist) or it's something very personal, intimately deep (Christian). WHAT I am seeking is not that important to me right now, only that I am.

Comments, questions, discussions are welcome - that's what this forum is about. Sharing is encouraged, =).
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